Monday, February 27, 2017

Giveaway Winner!!

I am feeling better today - not 100% but A LOT better!!

Thank you to everyone who supported me during my long-suffering!!

I LOVED all the comments, especially the ones that made me laugh and laugh!!  That's probably what helped me feel better!!

Ok, Mr. Random was consulted

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and CalamityJr is #5!!  CalamityJr. does not have a blog, so I can't send you over to visit her but this is what she said:

"What a fun way to do your giveaway! I wanted so badly to say you've been catnapping, but you use the dog photo for your snoozing and the cat photo for reading. Oh well! You've also been knitting, watching a period tv series, drinking healthy tea, and taking vitamins, especially C. Take care, and feel better soon!"

CalamityJr., be sure to send your snail mail address to me at so I can send all your goodies to you!!

Again, thank you all for stopping by!!  The shows I was binging on while sick were Poldark and Downton Abby!!


Janet O. said...

My guess is that I got all the answers wrong and you didn't even put me in the drawing, right?
Well, I am glad that you are feeling some better.
Can you believe the snow we had again? Did you ask that same neighbor over to shovel? I wouldn't advise it. He didn't look too happy about it the first time. : )

KaHolly said...

Oh, Im sorry you've been under the weather! I've been in a little (non medical) funk and blogging has been neglected, so I missed your posts. Feel better soon! Congratulations to your giveaway winner! XO

Rosa said...

Hope you are better and congrats to the winner.Thanks for the fun!