Wednesday, November 16, 2016

I Got Me a New Toy and a Giveaway!!

Hi Everyone!!

I am looking for some help if you would be kind enough to leave a comment with your thoughts!!

I just got a new toy - the Accuquilt - and I would like to see if there is an audience for pre-cut shapes with a fusible on the back to make appliquéing easier and lots of fun.

So, here are my questions:

 1. Would you purchase pre-cut shapes - I have shown the Christmas Tree here - that already have the fusing on the back?

 2. If yes, how much would you pay, say, per shape?  This is a critical answer here, please!!

 3. Would you rather have a set of matching trees (or other shapes) or would you rather have the set consist of the same fabric?

 4. How many should be in a set?

 I would sure appreciate your help and if you leave a comment with answers to all the above questions, I will put your name in a pot and randomly pick out a winner to get a set of pre-cut shapes!!
This is back side showing the fusing


Look how cute, I just made these:


Janet O. said...

Oh, I don't qualify. I don't applique, so I have no opinion on the matter. But what a fun new toy for you!!

WoolenSails said...

I do have one myself but some people don't want to buy the machine and just want a set of shapes, so that would be a good audience. If I was buying, I would like different fabrics for the shapes and probably in sets of 9, since that is the usual amount of blocks in a smaller quilt and then they can buy two if needed, or you can do them in sets to match the size of of blocks on a larger quilt. Not sure about cost, that is a tough one. No need to enter me, just my advice which may or may not help;)


Betsy said...

I have a machine so I would not buy the shapes but someone with the machine might. I mostly needleturn

Chiska said...

I love your scottie dogs! I would buy the shapes...or at least I think I would. I would like coordinated fabrics, but not all the same fabric (well that might depend). I like a larger number. I can't remember what Keepsake quilting does, but you might look at their shapes to check on price and all of that. I hope that helps a little!

Anonymous said...

HI,the little Christmas Trees are so neat! Love them!
Yes probably by set; unless they were large ones.
I like differing fabrics (like you show).
Maybe 6, maybe 12. How cute would these be on plain quilt blocks scattered or in rows! I do baby charity quilts+see no end to what one could make with these!

Karen Rowland said...

I also have an accuquilt machine. I'm not sure what the market would be for the appliqué shapes . If I were buying precut pre-cut pre-fused shapes I think I would want them in groups of 9. Maybe if you just put out there that you have the shape templates and not cut until someone has actually ordered them. You could offer them as same fabrics or coordinating ones. Not sure on pricing because larger shapes should be higher priced. I do love your Scottie dog shapes.

Unknown said...

I love the trees but have no idea how much to charge. Maybe you could figure the cost
of supplies and time. Shipping is very expensive. I just mailed a small package to ID yesterday and it cost me over $4. I bought some butterflies from Keepsake Quilting to make my mom a lap quilt but they were no fused. wish they had of been. There was a set of 24 but I don't remember the cost. I never made the quilt.