Friday, November 11, 2016

Happy Veterans Day!!

This holiday is especially poignant to me because my older brother served 2 tours in Vietnam.  He thankfully came home in one piece but with time he started having lots of problems including diabetes, blindness, 9 stents in his heart, a pacemaker, a defibulator and neuropathy from his knees down to his feet all due to Agent Orange.

I so pray that the new President-elect will keep his promise to the Veterans of this amazing Country and do more for the Veterans who sacrifice long periods of their lives and sometimes the ultimate sacrifice so that we can live in this Country with all our freedoms!



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Nancy said...

Please thank your brother for his service, Kris. I just published a post of my family history blog in which I commented about the all that our military servants sacrifice including, sometimes, mental and physical challenges for the rest of their lives. Blessings to your brother.