Monday, May 2, 2016

More Second Row Flowers!!

Ok, so it seems like all the "sewing" time I have these days is at night when we sit down to watch baseball or an old movie.  As such, I have 2 more flowers completed ~

Flower, Lynn Peters, April 2015 - Australia.
Second Row, Melody D, July, 2015 - Australia
Flower, Kathie Laposata, December, 2012 - Allentown, PA
Second Row, Janet Rushant, March 2016 - Canada
And, since this is just about all the sewing I am doing right now, I think it will get old to see these post after post, so if you are interested in following my progress on these, there is a page at the top that says Second Row Flowers.  They will be in there and on the side will be a picture of my latest one!!

Thanks for visiting!!


Janet O. said...

And you are making these for a quilt for your brother, right? You can tell him I suggested it. : )

KaHolly said...

Very pretty! It will be lovely.

elliek said...

Love the second round. It will get there eventually, the tortoise beat the hare!