Monday, May 30, 2016

Have a Blessed Memorial Day!!

I love this day!!  I think it is one of my favorite holidays!!  I love going to the Cemetery and placing my little Cemetery pots on my Grandparents' graves along with some Veterans who don't have any flowers on their grave.  Plus the day is glorious!!


Please remember your ancestors who went before you and paved the way for our lives and for those soldiers, policemen and women, firefighters and all the selfless folks that gave (and still give) their lives that we might live free and relatively safe!!

A Quilts of Valor

God Bless America!!


KaHolly said...

Lovely post! Thank you! XO

elliek said...

That song accompanied CJ's photo tribute so I always cry when I hear it. Beautiful song and our troops, no matter which country they protect, do an amazing job.

Janet O. said...

Beautiful post, Kris.
Visited 3 cemeteries Monday and one last Friday. I need to get to the Brigham City cemetery again. Trying to map out which ancestors are where in the many cemeteries we have visited over the years, before the generation that knows where things are, are all gone.