Monday, January 5, 2015

Ok, So I Am Doing Spring Cleaning . . .

early, looking for UFOs to complete.  And I found the perfect one to start working on again!!

I bought this little cutie in Corona del Mar, California in the early to mid 1970s.  Yup, you read right!!  This little guy is  40+ years old!!  This might be my oldest UFO, but I am not sure!!  I have lots of closets and bins to go through!!

The piece measures around 6" x 6" and I am using DMC Perle Cotton No. 5.  You can see how old it is by how crackily the masking tape is around the edges!!  I did some Slow Sunday Stitching on it yesterday and worked on the little basket tonight, but at this point, it takes a long time to see any progress.

Do you think I should frame this when I am done or turn it into a little pillow?

And I have to laugh, many of the comments mentioned counted cross stitch!!  This project is so old most of you may not even remember needlepoint!!  This one is needlepoint, not counted cross stitch.  Although you will see lots of those come through while cleaning out and and finishing up!  :-))

I looked up to see if the shop is still there in Corona del Mar and wow!!  It is ~

So good to know some things just don't change!!  Except, I would imagine the owners have changed!!  :-)


Deanna said...

Make it into a pillow. You can put a quilt block with it or around it. I have done that before with stitchery. It works really well. You can see an example here:

Chris said...

I did the same thing on Sunday night LOL. I went through my cross stitch bin looking for what needs to be finished. I was overwhelmed and put the bin away :-/

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I think a pillow would be so cute. Good for you in rescueing such a sweet project.

Denise :) said...

I like the idea of a little Paddington pillow! LOL! I have a cross stitch pattern that I bought several years ago that I promised myself I wouldn't start until I finished my pineapple quilt. But once that quilt is finished, I'm going to pick it up right away! (It's a pineapple/welcome piece.) Your little bears are darling! :)

Janet O. said...

Wow, that is older than my cross-stitch that isn't done--not even started, for that matter!
I used to cross-stitch up a storm. When I realized I wasn't going to stay with it I kept 3 patterns that I still planned to do "someday" and gave the boxes of magazines and books away. Still haven't touched either of those three patterns, but it has probably only been about 25 years. : )
I like what others have suggested of making a pillow from a quilt block built around this. But if you want to hang it somewhere, frame it. It is small and could fit in most anywhere.

Nancy said...

I am not going to include cross stitch in my UF’O for fear I wouldn’t be able to count that high.
I vote for a pillow.

elliek said...

See UFO kits don't go off and have to be thrown away. Looks good and I am sure whatever you make it into will be beautiful.