Thursday, January 9, 2014

Someone Had Pinned This Great Idea . . .

and it ended up on my Pinterest Board - "Great Stuff".  I thought I would share it with all of you.  Click on the picture to see the interesting idea!!

I'm going to try it and see if it does work.  In the event you may not know, I googled Synthrapol and here is a definition that came up ~


Web definitions

  1. this is a detergent that helps suspend loose dye particles.  It is optional in most of the dyeing classes and should be used with caution and always with gloves.  There is a new alternative which is apparently less toxic sold by Dharma Trading Company called Professional Textile Detergent. ...

Let me know if anyone has tried this and if it does work.  It will be a lot less money!!


I would like to thank Sherrill for the link she shared with us in her comment.  I looked at the article by Vicki Welch over at Field Trips in Fiber - Adventures in quilting, hand dyed fabric and fiber art and she recommends Dawn Pure Essentials as opposed to the blue Darn Ultra we usually see.  Click on her link and you can see more!!  Now I really have to try this!!  


Sherrill said...

Yes, if you check this blog
she goes into ALL kinds of info on how to fix/prevent bleeding in your quilts. She's also done extensive research.

Janet O. said...

I, too, read the post to which Sherrill referred and was intrigued. Sounds good to me!

Denise :) said...

Fabulous idea--isn't Pinterest an awesome resource??! And thanks to Sherrill for the great follow-up content!! :)

Marty Mason said...

I love hand dyed fabrics but they are so untrustworthy. I tried Vicki Welsh's instructions to get the excess dye out of recently purchased CherryWood hand dyedDyed fabric and her technique worked beautifully.