Friday, September 20, 2013

A Fun Update

on the recipients of a couple of projects ~

A while back my friend Becky asked if I would make a small lap quilt for her Chinese student Hermione's grandmother so Hermoine could take it to China when she went home in August.   You can see the orignial post HERE.  Hermoine just sent pictures to Becky and here is Hermoine's grandmother with her new quilt ~

And here is what Hermoine told Becky about what her Grandma said about her new gift:

                         I gave the quilt to my grandma and translated those English sentences to her. 
She was so excited and she loves it. 

Also, Becky sent Hermoine home with the apron that I made up for Becky and it was a gift for Hermoine's Mom.  You can see origninal post HERE ~

Is this picture darling or what??  It is so much fun to see the rewards of our efforts!!


Janet O. said...

This is very sweet Kris!
It is nice to see the fruits of your labors, isn't it? : )

elliek said...

Lovely to know that both gifts were well received.