Thursday, August 8, 2013

Made in America!!

A few days ago I showed the patriotic quilt that I made for Becky's young Chinese visitor.  Well, she had another young Chinese college student staying with her this summer as well and Becky asked if I would make Hermoine's grandmother a quilt to send back with Hermoine to China.  Well, of course, I was thrilled!!

Now, this quilt is a lap quilt but it is tiny because Hermoine's grandmother is tiny!!

We gave Hermoine a choice of what fabric she wanted as binding because Becky wanted her to be part of the whole quilt experience.  Becky and I both liked the brown polka dot the best because it was so charming.  We were thrilled when Hermoine liked the brown polka dot too - but the reason she wanted it was because it would not get dirty so quickly!!  :-))

When Becky gave me the words for the label, I asked her who He Wenjun was and she told me that was Hermoine's Chinese name and that Hermoine was her American name.  I asked Hermoine how she came to choose Hermoine and she logically informed me that it was because she loved the Harry Potter books!!  Well, of course!!

And then she so sweetly ran into her bedroom and came out to present me with some real, authentic Chinese chopsticks in this beautiful box!!

Aren't quilts wonderful!!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

This is a lovely post - thank you for sharing.

Janet O. said...

What a neat story, Kris!

Tammy said...

Lovely story. More memories of a life time being made. Hermoine will never ever forget you for makeing that quilt One day you will receive another gift from her out of the blue. Because what you gave her was from the heart and will bring happiness and comfort and her grandmother is very important to her. So you will get something else from her too....I had a Chinese neighbor one time. One good deed would turn into gifts after gifts...I felt horriable with them gifting me things. They wanted their little girl to play with my son to help her learn English better. the wife only spoke Chinese. But the husband was very fluent in English. And he was so appreciative. I would try to visit his wife to help her learn English too...She would serve me tea in the cutest little cups. I would teach her names of the appliances and stuff in her home. She was so proud to tell her husband things Even if it was only a few words of English. Sadly they moved away Before I could teach her very much.

Melody said...

A gorgeous post and a lovely quilt