Monday, August 12, 2013

My Part is Done!! Woo! Hoo!!

Some of you might remember a couple of months ago I was commissioned to do a queen-size wedding quilt.

Well, silly me thought I could quilt it on my new little sit down longarm but realized very quickly that I could hardly even handle just the top, let alone the top, batting and a back and then try to move it around in the little space I have to work in.

So, I got smart and asked my friend Sue over at Summit Creek Quilts if she would quilt it for me.  She did quilt it beautifully and then said she would love to barter the quilting if I would piece a king size quilt top for her.  Everything except the border and she would add the border.  How fast do you think I said yes!!  Oh, yeah!!

So, now I have my part done ~

I learned some really good lessons on this quilt top.  First, Sue wanted the borders, the bird blocks and the black blocks all fussy cut.  These diamonds each measure unfinished 19.5" x 11", so fussy cutting took quite a bit of extra fabric.  Then, I have never pieced on the diagonal.  And never tried to make sure the points matched on diamonds sewn together on the diagonal!!

I think the cutting took longer than the piecing and I must say I am happy to have my part done!!  Sue said as soon as she gets it quilted I can take pictures of the completed quilt and post them here - so stay tuned!!

Until next time!


Janet O. said...

I know you could quilt that on your machine, Kris! About six months after I got my machine I had to quilt a queen size quilt for my daughter's fundraiser. I was intimidated, but it worked. But if I had a friend who would do it in exchange for piecing, I probably would have made the trade. : )

Denise :) said...

Kris, how lovely are both pieces -- though I have to admit, I think you're smart to barter it off!! I'm really struggling to decide whether or not to quilt my newly finished piece ... and I'm pretty sure my space is as small (or smaller) than yours! I need to find someone to barter with!! LOL!!! :)

Deanna said...

That. Is. Wonderful! Great quilt. I am about to start a wedding quilt, but just a throw. That is all I will have time for.

elliek said...

I would have done the barter too!! great quilts

Nancy said...

Nice job on both quilts. It looks like both of you came out good on this barter.

Chris said...

They turned out great!!! Excellent work.

Cheryl said...

I don't recognize the pattern. But, love to way it turned out!
Can you share the name of the pattern or where I could purchase? Nice Blog site!