Monday, June 3, 2013

New International Siggies!!

From Rita Suttorp - Apeldoorn, Netherlands,

From Renske van der Kooi - Dokkum, Netherlands

From Hannie Tanis - Ouddorp, Netherlands

Thank you, ladies, I love them!!


Jeanneke said...

Three beauties from my beautiful country :>)
I know Renske personally; she is in the same quilt scene in Dokkum as I am, joining my Zondagssteek Bee now and then.


Janet O. said...

Pretty cool, Kris.
Are you feeling better?

elliek said...

love the blocks. Such a great way of making friends. Hope you are on the mend. Hugs

Melody said...

Fabulous blocks

Kathryn D. Duke said...

Oh what fun...and pretty too...good friends ...