Friday, June 7, 2013

I Have a Powerful New Respect . . .

for all of you quilters who create queen-size quilts!!  A dear friend of mine asked if I would make a queen-size quilt for her son and new daughter-in-law as their wedding present from my friend and her hubby.

I said yes, having no idea what I was getting myself into as I have never made this large of a quilt before.

The new bride chose the the collection Shades of Black by Me & My Sister Designs and then I added the red for a bit of pop.

As much as I loved how the front turned out, I actually like the back of the quilt the best ~

With the extra lighter charms, I played with the back and offset five nine-patches down near the middle.

Sue Baddley over at Summit Creek Quilts did a gorgeous job of quilting it for me.  Thank you, Sue, the quilting really gave this quilt a professional look ~

Whenever I make a quilt for someone I always ask them to chose a Scripture for the label to help us to always remember our God and that it is He who provides everything for us.

I think finishing this queen-size quilt and taking it to my friend this afternoon is sort of like having someone ask you right after your baby is born if you are going to have anymore - NO!!!  Until next time!!!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

It is just lovely and great choice in your binding too!

Janet O. said...

Very graphic design! You and Sue did a beautiful job.
One of these days, when you have more time and experience, you are going to surprise yourself with what you can do!
I love the scripture idea on the label. : )

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Love the pattern and that pop of red!! Wonderful quiltin

Tiffany said...

The red in the quilt is a great choice. Really neat looking. Big quilts can be the pits, so kudos to you!

Nancy said...

I like the red you added. It really makes a difference.
Try making a king size quilt it's awful. That's why we don't have many for our bed.

Deanna said...

Well done! And such an accomplishment.

Lynne said...

I love the concept of a scripture on the label and asking the recipient to choose one makes it an even better idea! Thanks for sharing!