Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I Just Got My March Doll Quilt . . .

from Barbara B. and it is fabulous!!

Thank you, Barbara - I just LOVE it!!  My favorite colors, one of my favorite fabrics and the workmanship is incredible!!  :-))  Pretty soon Janet, I'm going to have a wall of small quilts just like you!!  Woo! Hoo!!


Janet O. said...

It is a pretty one, Kris. Funny, I thought I had slipped out WITH it. So surprised to see it pictured here. Must be a hole in my bag.
You will have a wall of quilts before I do--I just have a corner. : )

elliek said...

what beautiful tumbling blocks. Love to see the wall when it is covered! Passed on your email to Rachel too. Thank you

Nancy said...

This is a pretty cute one. Great colors.

Unknown said...


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