Sunday, March 3, 2013

Slow Stitchin' Sunday!!

I have been wanting to find a good way to make rag rugs for the concrete floor (that is now Asparagus green) in my Studio but all of the methods I have looked at or tried were not exactly what I wanted until now ~

This is called "Locker Hooking" and it is so much fun!!  Of course, I will be 230 years old before I finish all the rugs I want down in the Studio!!  This is my trial piece and I am going to use it as a gift for the lady across the street who knocks on my door every so often and says, "I made dinner (spaghetti, burritos, lasagna to name a few) for 4 and now that our daughter is gone, I have this extra helping - would you please help me out and take it off my hands?"  Am I blessed, or what??  :-)

Do you see the big hook?  It is a crochet hook on one end and a needle eye on the other.  Have any of you done this type of rug hooking??  And oh man, I think it will help greatly with the destashing process!!  Woo!  Hoo!!

Have a wonderful Sabbath!! 

Update - Sunday night!!

I just finished my little hotpad and I wanted to brag a bit about it!!  Soooooooooo much fun!!  And check out Amy C's comment - she's "hooked!!"

Cute, huh??


Quilter Kathy said...

I have never seen this technique before...looks like fun!

Nancy said...

I have seen locker hooking but never had the patience. Looking forward to seeing your progress. You know what goes around comes around and you are such a giving person it’s no wonder you are blessed by giving neighbors.

Daryl @ Patchouli Moon Studio said...

I will be interested to see the finished rug. My husband wants to rip out the wall-to-wall carpeting and paint the cement slab and then get some area rugs to place on the cement floor. Is the canvas you use expensive? I'll have to google how the locker hooking is done and how much fabric is needed for the size rug hubby wants. But I should make a small rug to start with in case I hate making them. Thanks for showing this.

Amy C said...

I am a locker hooking addict! It is super easy. I've been creating locker hooked wall hangings from photographs. They've turned out really cool.
I've also recycled my clothes to use for projects. For Christmas, I made my sisters in law a wall hanging that said Family - made from their deceased Mother's skirt, their father's old shirt, and a sheet I bought from Goodwill.
Thinking about making a cover for my kindle.
Sorry, for my rambling. I don't hear many people talk about locker hooking and I get excited when I do. :)
Good luck on your rug!
campbellamyd at gmail dot com

elliek said...

You are very clever and so patient. Love the rug and I can see why you get the extra helpings too. Very blessed in your neighbour. Love Saturday's smile too

Nancy said...

Maybe you will show us how it's done? Your finished hotpad looks lovely!

Darlington Delights said...

I'd love to see a tutorial! I want to make one!!!!

Chris said...

I have seen that before but have never tried it. I don't know that I have time to pick up another hobby. My hobbies have hobbies.

scraphappy said...

That looks like fun. I'm always on the lookout for a new hand craft idea. Is there a youtube video somewhere?

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna echo these ladies. I'd love to see how this is done. Way cool and I've never seen it before. I think it looks like a fun mom and girls project for this summer. We'll see... :)