Saturday, December 15, 2012

Live and Learn!!

Typically, when I make one of my tried and true Vanishing 9-Patch quilts, I put the main fabrics in the corners and in the middle, but I was working with a Charm Pack and wanted to get 9 blocks out of the 42 charms and so I put the main fabrics on each of the four sides and the white background fabric in the middle and in the corners!!
Well, instead of getting the colorful quilt I usually get, I got this white quilt with colored crosses!!  Not what I was planning!!

But I did not even think about it when I did it - good lesson learned!!  THINK!!  It will be fine (but not what I wanted) once the border goes on, it gets quilted and a border is placed.

I think I will call it my "elegant" table topper.  It is for my friend's 89-year old mom who lovessssssss tableclothes!!  I will just tell her that this is truly an original!!  She'll love - it's a table cloth!!


Nancy said...

Well, I think it turned out pretty darn cute. I know she will love it.

Janet O. said...

Does your friend's mom expect it to look like you did? What difference will it make to her--any? I think it looks great, but I had no preconceived notions about how it would look. So there! : )

Angie said...

I really like it---do you need my snail mail addy? ;)

elliek said...

We live and learn! I like the quilt anyway and I'm sure your friend's mum will love it.Love Saturday's smile too. That is the way I feel at the moment AAAGGGHHH

Denise :) said...

I love this -- I think it looks fabulous! Not live and learn -- live and let live! LOL! :)