Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's Been A Long Time Since . . .

I have done any counted cross stitch!!  The first one I did was about 40 years ago when the only counted cross stitch came from the Norwegian countries and the only place I could find one was when I went up to Solvang near Santa Barbara in Southern California.  Otherwise, the only cross stitch you could get back in those days was the printed cross stitch on such things as kitchen towels, pillowcases and tableclothes!!

I found this one up at Shepard's Bush in Ogden, Utah last summer when I was up that way visitng my friend, Sue.  I chose this one because the fabric used is a 19-count linen and if you have even done counted cross stich on linen, you know you go over 2 threads.  That way, the holes I put my needle into are big nd the stiches are big and these old eyes of mine can see those big holes at night.
The threads used are overdyed threads with names like Chocolate Cream Pie, Fools Gold and Root Beer Float.
The piece I am doing is called Holy Night, a Shepard's Bush pattern.  After the stitching is done, there is an assortment of little buttons that are added to the piece in strategic places to give it some depth and added detail:
Look at those little sheep in the top right corner - are they cute, or what!!!
This picture is really small, but it will give you an idea what I have gotten myself into.  Click on the picture for a better look!!


Annette said...

That is so beautiful. What a fun project to work on, especially this time of year.

Nedra said...

I used to do a lot of shopping at Shepherd's Bush. Beautiful store! The cross stitch has been put away for years now that I quilt.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Kris - love that you are re-claiming a lost love. I would recommend an Ott light for working with your stitchery. It will amaze you on how it helps with "seeing" those counted threads. I work with very small tight weaves = so rely on my Ottie.