Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I Have Been Sick, Sick, Sick!!!

I started feeling punk last Thursday and just hung out quietly until I had to help all day Saturday to get the Singles Thanksgiving dinner ready for Saturday night.  Well, that was the downfall.  I went downhill from there and as of this morning, I started taking antibiotics as this must be more than just a bad cold.  I have been doing a lot of sitting and sleeping and no quilting but when I have felt a little better I did get to work on my new "Holy Night" cross stitch so I thought I would show you my progress:
It is really turning out nicely.  I splurged and used the hand-dyed threads instead of the DMC thread.  I am glad I did except the internet company I purchased the threads from let me know at the last minute (and after they had taken my money) that they did not have all the threads in stock and now they will not answer my emails!!  I have been having to jump around because I don't have all the threads.

Also, I had a little clip-on magnifying glass by Daylight that I have clipped onto the rim and its like putting my needle through huge, boulder-size holes!!!  Love it!!!
If I am not better by next Monday I am going to the emergency to see what I might have.   I would love any prayers you might want to offer up for me!!  :-))) 

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Linda said...

Go to instacare, not the er. Feel better