Saturday, April 3, 2010

It has been a long two weeks!!! And not a stitch of quilting has been done. I left on March 23rd to travel by plane to Colorado Springs to close up my law practice and give my little law building back to the previous owner. Mixed emotions for both of us. I had done lots and lots of work on the building and hated to give it up but at the same time it will definately be a burden off my shoulders. The previous owner really didn't need to have his building back but at the same time knew all the work I had done and what a great deal he was getting. I asked him if one of my poor relatives ever left me any money or if I won the lottery, which I don't pay, would he let me have it back, and he said without a doubt!! So, another chapter in my life closed!!

On the way home in the 16 foot Budget truck, as I was traveling west along I-70, the wind was just howling with gusts that I thought were going to knock me and the truck right off the road. As I was getting back on the road after getting gas, I saw this wonderful huge flag majestically letting me know that all is well and I am grateful to be in America!!


retdairyqueen said...

Hi Khris
I just dropped by to say thanks for taking part in the quilts Bluebird Lyn made for me
The finished quits are lovely and so so apreciated Thankyou
Hugs Illene

Kris said...

Oh, Illene - I was thrilled to be able to be included in your quilt!!! I hope it made you very happy!! Is there someplace we can view the finished quilt?? Kris