Saturday, April 24, 2010

Happy Saturday everyone!!! The sun is out and the air is just a tad bit cool this morning. As we came back from my great neice Lauren's soccer game, we passed by the little garden I am working on out front and I thought it was a good time to share. I have not felt like I have had the time to garden for many years now, so this little garden is such a blessing to me. Almost every day my Dad says how much he enjoys it and I know I especially love it in the evening when the fragrances are strong and so comforting!!!



I just love the garden , most are what i have in my garden too. How amazing .

Jeanne said...

Your Carol Doak blocks are just beautiful. If I had them, I would put them together to make a small blanket & donate it to my charity I would either use them with the white border and make it 3 rows by 5 rows and then add a border all around or alternate with some solid color blocks.