Saturday, March 6, 2010

I have been working on baby blankets for family and friends. All of these blankets are flannel on the one side and a high quality cotton on the other. I then crocheted the edges - fancier for the little girls and not so fancy for the young men!! These are such fun projects because I can work on them in the evening while spending some time with my Dad. Two of them are already spoken for and the pink frilly one is ready the next time a little baby girl is looking for her new little blanket.

Its interesting, the hemstitching that is sewn into the fabric before I start the crocheting is done down at the local Benjamin Franklin. I thought with the fancy machines I have I could do the hemstitching myself and save a lot of money, BUT the prep time to get the two pieces of fabric perfectly placed so I could even start the hemstitching and then the time to sew the hemstitching all the way around the blanket took so much time that I finally succumbed to letting the ladies at Ben Franklins mess with all the work involved.

Also, I was told by a sewing machine shop that the machine Ben Franklins uses is made just to do hemstitching - it is not a sewing machine that does anything else. At the sewing machine shop I learned that these machines are no longer made and the companies that have them baby them along just to keep them fine tuned!!!

The long and short of it - it is WELL worth spending the money to let the pros place the hemstitching so I can spend the time enjoying the finish work.

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