Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ever since my Dad and I moved into an aprtment together in September, 2009, I have said the space was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too small for all of our stuff (translated - all my quilting fabrics, books and patterns and sewing machines). So, one morning I woke up and was so tired of all the clutter that I got on Craig's List to look for a space to rent that would not only hold all my quilting stuff but where I could finally set up my long-arm quilting machine so I could learn how to use it (after all, I have only had the long-arm for over two years now!!!).

I figured with the crumby real estate market and all the empty rental spaces, I could find something I could afford. I took into consideration that if I got a space then I would not have get a storage unit for all my client files and excess furniture that are coming from Colorado this month (which would be about $55.00 - $70.00 month) Sounds like a pretty good rationalization if you ask me!!! Tee! Hee!

The first place I looked at was the right amount of space but it was broken up into two spaces, so the 10 foot long-arm would not have fit. The Realtor said I might check in the building right next door as he had a LOT of empty spaces. I did and the rest is history.

The space is 22' x 11.5' so the long-arm will fit just perfectly!!! Plus all the tables and shelves and other sewing machines!!! I am so excited!!! The landlord is letting me paint and I can bring my sweet Pollie dog with me!!!

Heres what I have right now and I will keep you posted as I paint and turn the space into my "Studio"

Oh, look!! There's Pollie now checking out the Studio!!

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