Sunday, September 22, 2013

Slow Stitchin' Sunday . . .

Oh, how I love binding a quilt!!  The peace and tranquility makes for a perfect Sunday afternoon.

This ia a quilt I started this past spring when I was teaching the young women in our Church the basics of quilting.  I found out how to make this great Big Star pattern on a Youtube by Missouri Star Quilt Co.

I added the video here so you can watch it if you would like.  The star comes out to 25" and then I added the two borders making the quilt finish out at about 39" x 39".

The quilt is going to be a gift from the girls for one of their leaders.  Now, the baby was born in June, so I had to add the second border because the baby grew while my UFO did not!!  :-))

This was a fun, fun baby quilt to work on!!  And super easy and FAST!!


Janet O. said...

Babies have a way of doing that growing thing, don't they? And quilts seldom do.
Fun star design. But I think the quilting is more fun than the binding. So there! : )

elliek said...

Have made a quilt like this and yep so much fun. I love sewing the binding on by hand but not the first bit putting it through the machine!

Jeanneke said...

A Star is born :>)
Great quilt, great gift!
I love putting the binding on quilts. The first part on the machine is easily and quickly done and after that I love sewing the binding on by hand, making it a real finishing touch.


Mdm Samm said...

How i love this the new year we will be highlighting one block quilts... Yours divine