Flag Tutorial

Hi new and old flag quilt makers!!  I hope these pictures help make  the piecing of your quilt easier.  If you see something here that you think needs changing or if you would like to see something additional, please leave a comment and I will try to accomidate your request as quickly as possible!!  Again, I want to say thank you to everyone who purchased an "I Pledge Alligiance . . . " Quilt Kit.  Have so much fun putting it together!!

This is one of the Fat Eighths - there is one for each of the
24 different fabrics (12 red and 12 white/cream)
Fold the Fat Eighth lengthwise
Straighten the edge to make sure your next cuts will be perfect
First cut is 1-1/2" for the small corner stones
From the side you cut the 1-1/2" row, cut across 3-1/2"
Make a second cut at 3-1/2" - you will now have 12 - 3-1/2" squares in this
fabric - you will copy this step for all 24 fat eighths
Go back to the 1-1/2" strip and cut as many 1-1/2"
squares as the strip allows
After you have cut all of your red and white 3-1/2" squares,
you will put an opposite color corner stone in one corner and pin
Take a pencil and mark the corner stone from one edge to the other
Sew across the pencil line
Trim the corner with scissors, leaving a 1/4" seam
Press the corner stone open with the seam going toward the red.
On the white blocks, the corner stone will also be pressed toward the red
NOTE!!  Some of the white on white or the cream on cream fabrics have a rubbery texture to the front side and
it is a bit shiny.  It's almost impossible to see the rubbery side on this picture but when you look at the fabrics
in your kit, you will see what I am talking about.  With these fabrics, I used the back side as if it were the front side.
That way the shiny rubbery side was not so obvious and it looks so much better!!  I am not sure why the
manufacturers are are making the white on white fabrics like this but they are.


Unknown said...

I bought this quilt kit from you last June in Panguitch, Utah. Just now getting to it. all the red is cut. The blue - After I did a tiny cut to straighten the edge I cut my binding pieces 2 1/4", I started cutting the 3 1/2" and now I am about 5 pieces short. And, Yes I cut very carefully. I am in Florida, all my other fabric is in Tennessee so I am at a loss as what to do.

Cathyannie_84067@yahoo.com said...

I bought this Flag Quilt Kit in Layton, Utah a couple years ago. I think I am finally going to start on it. I was hoping for a full tutorial is there more instuction beyond cutting and sewing on the corner pieces? Is there a video tutorial that shows instruction clear to the end?

Unknown said...

Be very very careful when cutting. U will probably have some selvedges left in this quilt. After cutting all the blue i was short some squares. Ended up buying another blue to use in the quilt. The blue from this kit will be used somewhere in another quilt.