Monday, April 26, 2021

This is Christine . . .

She is one of my longarm quilting clients.  She called one day and asked me if I could help her with a project she was working on.  We discussed it and decided that the front piece and sleeves needed to be done free motion on her domestic.  So, she took those back home with her and worked on them.

Christine used painter's tape to get straight lines and then sewed along the edge of the tape and then removed it.

With the front piece she did a stitch in the ditch type thing and following the design with black thread.

We decided I would quilt the jacket back on my longarm.  She had already cut out the jacket down to size, so it presented a challenge.  But we got it done.

The jacket is reversible and the geometric design Christine chose was perfect.  I basted a 6 inch edge around all four sides of the cut out piece she gave me and got it on Martha.  Beautiful!!

Close-up of the geometric design on the back ~

Christine is pleased with everything except that last picture of her!!  LOL!!  She was standing facing the afternoon sun after all!!  So fun to work on new, challenging projects!!

Thanks Christine for letting me part of your gorgeous jacket!!


Janet O. said...

What a great jacket--and the two of you conspired to do a wonderful job on the quilting!!

deb said...