Sunday, August 9, 2020

Slow Sunday Stitching!!

Yay, Yay!! I have to say that I am soooo proud of myself for completing February today!! Usually, I start these SALs and then poop out after a couple of days!! Yay me for getting all the way through February!!

And if you look down in the left bottom corner where my needle is - well, dang if I haven't already started March!! Woo! Hoo!!

I'm hooking up with Kathy over at Kathy's Quilts for her Slow Sunday Stitching hookup!1 Come see what everyone is working on!!


Janet O. said...

Wow--look at you go! And you already have February finished? You are moving at warp speed! LOL
Seriously, I admire that you are sticking with it, and it is beautiful! I always fall behind in SALs, and then I just drop out. You are sticking with it and I am proud of you.

Miaismine said...

I am so proud of you for sticking with your project and for celebrating your success! That design looks quite complicated to me, but look at you! You are rocking this SAL! Congratulations!

Deb A said...

Beautiful colors and your stitching looks great.

moosecraft said...

Hurray!!! Your SAL is looking mighty fine! :-) Mine is still in the folder on the desktop of my computer! lol!
LOVE that shiplap wall from a couple of posts ago... I'm already thinking of making a similar wall like that in my house... *grin*