Monday, November 26, 2018

One of the Nice Things. . .

about living in a fixer-upper house is that weekly, and sometimes even daily, the place looks better and better!!  That is what happened this past weekend.

I am moving everything that is not longarm related from the little green Cottage into my new Retreat.  Slowwwwwww going for sure!!  Wayyyyyy too much stuff, but IT is happening.

I have my two work tables back to back so I have a huge work table in the middle of the room.  Both my sewing machine and my sit down mid-arm are along that back wall and there is fabric, fabric everywhere!!

But the most exciting part was created on Friday and Saturday.  I needed an ironing board in here so I asked my brother to build a frame using a 19" x 5 foot piece of plywood that we had left over from another project and 4"x4" legs.

I then used several pieces of quilted fabric that had been longarm practice pieces and placed them on top and spray glued them down.

I then put two layers of plain batting on top of the quilted pieces so I would have a smooth surface under the top fabric.

I then auditioned several different fabrics being careful not to have too much of a contrasting print that would show through the lighter pieces I would be pressing.

And the winner is ~

After cutting the top fabric to size and pressing out the middle crease, Kelly and I turned the table over so I could stretch and tack down all the layers.

We then set her upright and placed her where she would spend the rest of her days (well, that is unless I change my mind and move again - LOL!!)

I added an iron and voila!!

I still need to decide what color to paint the legs and add leg protectors to the bottoms of the legs but I tried it out this morning on a quilt back and oh, I love how big it is!!

And how about that fun, grass green 1970's shag rug??  


Janet O. said...

Oh, Kris, what a wonderful ironing station! Now you just need to put a little shelf in between the studs above the ironing board where you can set your bottles of starch and/or water. Very clever job of making what you have on hand work for you!
And yes, I LOVE the green shag! Kelly could trim down a section and have a practice green. :)
How exciting to have the cottage coming to life! said...

Love seeing how your reno is progressing. Great way to make use of things on hand.

WoolenSails said...

That is a wonderful ironing surface, I hate using the regular iron board, think I think to have my husband make me one.


Denise :) said...

How fun! I adore the print you ended up choosing -- I'd have chosen it TOO! Enjoy creating your creation space!!! :)