Tuesday, April 3, 2018

I Thought Life Was Supposed to Slow Down . . .

when we were old enough to retire!!  NOT!!  Life just keeps me busy, busy, busy and oh how I love it!!

I did get a bit of hand sewing done between hammering nails ~

These are Hexie Flowers for Lynne T. up in Chilliwack, BC Canada for the Inchy Hexagon Flower Swap I am in.

And while I was at retreat a couple of weeks ago, one of the gals has a Quilt-a-long on Facebook and so I decided it would be fun to join.  They were already on block # 5 when I joined and we are to make two of each block.  So, here are my #5 blocks ~

It always amazes me how the same block can look sooooooooo different with different fabrics.  I like the top block but I am thinking the bottom block needs a little help!!

At the retreat, Kim, the gal who runs the Quilt-a-long had everyone at the retreat who had finished one of her quilts from the previous year show their quilts (or tops) and here are some of the quilts ~

This is Kim, the Pirate

Some of these pictures are not the greatest, you know how it is when we do show and tell - everyone shows the quilt quickly and then pulls it away even more quickly!!  Aren't we funny!!

But, seeing all 9 quilts and how different they all are even though they all did the exact same Quilt-a-long quilt with Kim just fascinates me!!

Finally, I wanted to show the picture I took the other night when the moon was full.  The skies here in Bandon are so clean and clear, I was able to take this shot with my I-Pad!!

Well, I am off to Blackfoot, Idaho tomorrow morning for the Blackfoot Fest next weekend and then I get to run down to Logan (Utah) and go to Church in my old Ward - it's a surprise, so if you read this post, mum's the word!!

Professionally packed by my brother, Kelly!!  Thanks, Kel!!

See you next week, hopefully with fun pictures from the quilt show!!


Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

Pretty hexies. Oh I so know trying to get pics is near impossible. LOL Have a great safe, trip.

Janet O. said...

The bottom block just has a fabric that is a little more shy. :)
Gotta love the pirate--oh, and the quilts!
Cool moon shot.
Okay, I promise I won't tell me you are coming to Logan.

Stephanie said...

Oh Kris, I just love your sweet flower hexies! And those quilts are sbolutely beautiful!

Thinking of you, dear one. Hugs!

elliek said...

Quilts are beautiful. You are right in your thinking, the top block is gorgeous (I am a fan of those colours) but the bottom one ...personally not fond of the green but. Work some magic and I’m sure it will fit in. Have a great time back in Logan.

elliek said...

Think it’s the pale little squares that need tweaking but I am no expert.. as I said sure you will work your magic and it will be spectacular

cocoya said...

That was very funny. My late husband loved peeps, and he thoroughly loved the fact that they made them for almost every holiday now.