Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Pirate Retreat . . .

I have not been to a retreat in over 12 years and I have been waiting for this one since last June!!  When I first got to Bandon and joined the Bandon Quilt Guild, I heard about the retreat that happened this past week.  I was told in June that I probably would not get to go for at least 2 years, maybe three.  BUT, about a month before the retreat several women could not go and YAY!!  I did!!

This year's theme was pirates and the committee for this retreat really goes ALL out!!

 This one was located as you walked into the bathroom!!

There were a couple of classes one could take but I chose to work on some of the many UFOs I have accumulated ~

This one was some 2 inch red and blue strips that I had cut oh maybe 5 years ago for what reason??  I have no idea.  So I added some white strips and did a strippity-do-dah quilt.  But because the strips were 2 inches instead of 2-1/2 inches the size was goofy.  The girls assured me that it would be a great quilt for a Vet over at the Roseburg VA Hospital.

This one was a charm pack and brown dot squares I had cut for a baby quilt oh maybe 5 years ago.  This one is going to be a baby quilt for our cute young neighbors who just had a baby girl a few weeks ago.

This one was some super ugly fabric that I bought on sale and then hated it, so I cut it up into 2-1/2 inch strips for a strippity-do-dah quilt.  Turned out better than I could have hoped.

I also got the binding machine sewn and partially hand-sewn on my Dad's 2007 90th birthday quilt.  I showed this quilt a long time ago on a post talking about how important it is to put labels on our quilts.  My sweet Dad was under this quilt when he passed through the veil.  What sweet memories of taking care of him as I finally bind this quilt and put a label on it.


Janet O. said...

Wow--I've never gone to a retreat with a theme. They really carried it through well!
Like you, I chose not to take classes at my retreat this year. Felt so good to make progress on UFOs, though sometimes there was hardly anyone but me in the main sewing room. :)
Sounds like you were busy piecing tops 5 years ago.
I love the story about your Dad's quilt. How nice to be able to wrap yourself in that! said...

Looks like a fun theme for a retreat. How cool to get some projects done. I went to a sew day. I visited more than sewed.

Tammy J said...

Very productive, Kris! I'm so glad you are getting to do something you want to get done.