Friday, May 5, 2017

Flowers, Meet Your Second Row Hexes!!

Look how fun!!

I am starting a new tradition for myself.  I have lots and lots of polka-dotted flowers with no second rows and lots and lots of second row hexies with no flowers!! So, I have decided that as soon as I get my new monthly second row or rows I am going to find the perfect flower and get them together!! My April second row hexies came from Janet C.R. in Canada a couple of days ago and I found the perfect flower for them. The flower was from Maggie F in Indiana January, 2013!! Are they cute together, or what!!


Janet O. said...

A nice combination--and right now it matches your blog border perfectly (of course, if you ever change your blog border this comment will make no sense).
Sounds like you have a plan to create some flower power! : )

maggie fellow said...

Great flower and I am the Maggie F in Indiana :0 how fun to run into this blog post.

Stephanie said...

What a stunning combination, my friend! The colors are so sweet and cheerful.

Happy weekend! Hugs!