Friday, March 10, 2017

Yay!! Got Something Completed!!

This dang viral cold is just a hangin' on big time but I did manage to get a couple of projects done.  I was able to get March's 2 Hexie Flowers completed!!  Typically I am scrambling at the end of the month, so there is a silver lining to being sick!!

These little cuties are going to Edda in ICELAND!!  How fun is that??

Edda wanted reproduction prints so I thought these would work well in her flower garden!!

I also got a little project completed for a friend but forgot to take pictures before I took it over to her last night.  Hopefully I can get some before she gives it to her Grandson.  Stay tuned!!

1 comment:

Janet O. said...

Two of my favorite fabrics from your shelves in these flowers!