Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Look What I Found . . .

at the Dollar Store!!

I just can not use a thimble.  It is awkward, regardless of the type I try and my finger gets major claustrophobia!!  So, one day after I had been binding a quilt with my bare finger and had poked it enough times that it was bleeding, I put a bandaid over the boo-boo.  And then I had an ah-ha moment and started using bandaids as my "thimble"!!

and look what I found ~

Colored bandaids!!  And at the Dollar Store!!  This is what you call a Cheap Thrill!!

So, through trial and error, I found that if I cut one end of the bandaid off and place it right on my finger where the needle hits, I have a bit more padding and the "thimble" lasts longer.

Then, I put the short cut-off end at the bottom and then rap the un-cut end over the finger and over the cut end.  It stays in place and and then when I am done, I just remove the "thimble" and start with a fresh one next time I need a "thimble"!!  Works great but don't wrap it TOO tight because then your finger will start to throb!!  Trust me on this one!!  :-))

Off to Stevensville, Montana in the morning for a quilt show and lots of beautiful scenery!!  Until next time!!


Janet O. said...

Well, isn't this fun! You have a happy finger and something bright and cheery to look at while you bind a quilt--and all for a dollar!!
But I am curious as to how you bind your quilts. Invite me over sometime to see. I don't use a thimble when I bind, but with the stitch I use I don't think I need one. A thimble would be in the way. And you know I am slow at binding. Maybe if I learned your stitch and used a thimble I could go faster. : )
Have fun in Hooterville--oh, wait, that was Stevensville, wasn't it?

allthingzsewn said...

I use the dots, but they don't stay on long. This is the perfect solution. How smart of you and thanks for sharing.

elliek said...

Don't you hate the way the needle always finds that spot on your finger where you have worn a hole. Ouch moment! I also have trouble using a thimble and have tried all sorts. But this may work. Thanks. Hope you enjoy the quilt show.