Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Charity Quilt

This is the time of year I usually make a charity quilt for the Children's Justice Center here in Logan. This year, I asked Tammy over at Two Tangled Threads if she would donate the quilting for this year's quilt.

Instead of saying yes, she suprized me and said she has a twin size quilt that was made to be a charity quilt but that she had yet to find a home for it.  Soooooo . . . . .

she gave it to me to be donated for the annual dinner and live auction.

Thank you, Tammy it is a gorgeous quilt 
and you are wonderful!!


Janet O. said...

That worked out well. : )
Tammy is a sweetheart!

Nancy said...

That was really nice.

Lynne said...

Very pretty. I hope it makes lots of money at the auction. Good on ya, Tammy (as we Aussies say)!

Tammy J said...

Actually, Kris, I am sooooo glad that the quilt found a home. I've had it waiting for a couple of years. Thanks again for asking me!