Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Another New Quilter . . .

This is Corrine and her two sons, Hunai and Damien ~

Kids!!  Oh, my, they crack me up!!  Corinne started a quilt for Hunai (on the left) last November and then decided she wanted to make one for Damien as well.

As you can see, the bottles are different shapes so the boys know who's quilt belongs to who (or is that whom??)!!

These are Corinne's first quilts and they are amazing!!  She did a fabulous job at cutting and piecing.  

And then take a look at her first attempts at free motion quilting!!

This is called surpassing the teacher!! Yiks!!  I hope I can quilt like that someday!!

Her cute hubby kept thinking she was spending too much time on these quilts and wondered whether or not it was worth it.  When they were all done, I asked him if the time Corinne spent was worth it and he said definately!!  Corinne also said that now that she has actually made a quilt from start to finish, she really appreciates how much time and love goes into a hand-made quilt!!

I am sad to say that Corrinne and her family are now are their way to Oklahoma where her hubby is going to be interning for his Doctorate.

Corinne has been coming over every night to work on the quilting and sometimes staying wayyyyyyy after I went to bed!!  Oh, the energy of youth!!  I will miss her visits and hope that the family can come back here to Logan to live again after the internship is over!!

Fabulous job, Corinne!!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

They are wonderful - jar quilts are so perfect for boys. Some people just have that 'touch' with FMQ - she did a terrific job.

elliek said...

fantastic quilts. Wish i could FMQ like that. Yes the energy of youth!

Nancy said...

She did a great job with the quilts especially her free motion quilting. I think this proves some people just have a talent for it.

Janet O. said...

What wonderful jar quilts for a couple of boys--and a very clever way to tell them apart.
Wow! She did fantastic on the quilting. I have my first FMQ piece bound and hanging above Gidget. It serves as prove to others that they CAN learn to do this. If I did, anyone can. I could never have done anything like Corinne did with my first efforts!