Monday, March 17, 2014

Pieced with Lessons Learned!!

I have really not made many large quilts - most of mine are lap size or smaller.  But I had the opportunity to piece this top for a firned ~

And I learned some very important lessons.

First, I learned why a design wall is so important - this top has 48 different blocks (each 12") in 4 colors - red, green, gold and blue.  Which is great but there were many more blues than the other three colors.  Same thing with the sashing strips - LOTS more blue that the other colors.  Well, I did 3 rows at a time making sure

that each block had a different color side.  Well, by the time I got to the last three rows I had mostly blue blocks and blue sides!!  Yiks!!

Second, I learned how to rip-it, rip-it, rip-it!!  And in the end after moving rows around and blocks around and sashings around, it just didn't matter!!  There were still more blues than the other colors!!

Third, on a scrappy quilt - don't sweat the small stuff, it will be wonderful regardless!!

Yay!!  Another UFO has found a home.  My friend is going to put a border or two on it and use it in one of her guest bedrooms!!  Love it!!

Fourth, enjoy the compliments of a job well done!!  Knowing what I had put myself through, here is what my friend said:  "Hey!  The quilt looks pretty great as it is!!!  Thanks a bunch!"
Enjoy this gorgeous almost-spring-day!!


Denise :) said...

All good lessons ... especially the last two!!! It's a lovely top and I'm sure it'll will be well loved! :)

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

It is a beautiful top! Don't sweat the small stuff. :-) Have a happy day!

InGa said...

I agree, it's a beautiful top.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I never sweat the small stuff - and with scrappy, it all works.

Janet O. said...

It does look great!
But I admit that my design wall is a good friend! Of course, that just speaks to my need for control! : )

elliek said...

Looks great. Don't sweat the little stuff.

Nancy said...

Looks to me like you did a great job. I like the way you called all this work an opportunity. You are just so nice.

Anonymous said...

Kris, super job. I don't have a design wall, I have a design bed. LOL! Right now it is covered in thread. Need to clean but sewing is so much more fun.