Monday, November 11, 2013

Thank You to All Who Served and to Their Supporting Families!!

I have been involved in the Quilts of Valor program for a couple of years now.  If you have not yet heard of it, it is a fabulous group of all volunteers who donate their time, fabric and their hearts to making quilts for Veterans of past and present American Wars.  This year, the members of our guild, Needles & Friends, are making blocks each month for a new Quilts of Valor quilt - we will be making 6 all total.

I am just finishing up the binding on the October quilt that will be shown at our Guild Meeting tomorrow and so I thought today was the perfect day to post it here ~
 If you look right above the quilt on the right hand side, you can see the picture of me and my brothers when we were young, young, young.  Both of my older brothers were in the military, my older brother, Barry, rest his soul, was a Marine and my brother Greg was in the Army and spent almost two years in Vietnam.
In this picture, you can see that many of the gals signed their blocks, making it so much more special for the soldiers who receive these quilts.

The Quilts of Valor program is very close to my heart, especially since Greg was exposed to Agent Orange while in Vietnam and the health issues he has been dealing with over the past decade or so will most likely end his life in the next few years - he is only 66 years old.  I love you, Greg and thank you so much!!

I think this song - Some Gave All - says it so well!!
God bless all who served and are still serving and their families who have given up so much for the liberties we cherish!!


Janet O. said...

And having seen that quilt in person, I know it is a beauty!

elliek said...

Beautiful quilt for a very good cause.