Monday, April 15, 2013

Re-cycling Christmas Cards!!

Last Christmas our sweet friend Shell, her hubby and her bunny kids from The Raspberry Rabbits sent me the cutest Christmas postcard ~

As you can see, she has used some of her felt and the picture is of Hannah and Hawwwingtwon.

Only thing is, I just got it a few days ago because it had fallen down behind the little pine trees in the front of my house right under my mailbox.  As I was raking winter debris from around the trees a few days ago, I found Shell's card!!

Well, I wanted to keep it and I didn't want to just put it away in a drawer, so I attempted some of Shell's Folk Art Fusion stitching around the kids and the tree and made a little pincushion that I can keep out on my cutting table all the time!!

Thanks, Shell, I needed a new pincushion!!  You can see more of Shell's postcards HERE


Lynne said...

What a lovely idea to recycle your very cute card! Well done.

WoolenSails said...

Very cute idea and something you can enjoy, all year round.


elliek said...

Great thinking Kris. lucky you found it!

Janet O. said...

How funny that it spent the winter in your yard amidst the evergreens. Well, I guess it was preserved by our deep freeze winter.
I LOVE what you have done with it, Kris. Very clever!!

Nancy said...

I would have never found it since I try to stay away from yard work .
The pin cushion is so cute.

Unknown said...

Shell's postcards are awesome! I also love your handiwork. It is amazing the card survived outside this long!

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Yippeeee!!! I love it!
Love you too mom!