Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Well, I'm Half Out and Half In But . . .

I did take the time to go to my new Quilt Guild - Needles and Friends - here in the Cache Valley and oh, boy, is it going to be a fun year!!!

I signed up for the Mystery Quilt and the Challange Quilt - which is where we put 2-3 yards of our own fabric in a bag and then the bag will go to someone else (that I won't know who) and they will make a small quilt using their creativity and my fabric!!  Hmmmmmm, I think my fabric will come from Kaffe Fassett!!!

I also signed up for "Block Jo" where each month we will make a traditional block (given to us) out of Civil war prints.  We can do up to 3 blocks but they all have to be with different fabrics and then at the next meeting, names are put in a pot and whose ever name is chosen gets all the blocks made for that month!!  And since a quilter can only win once, there will be lots of winners!!

And finally and most excitedly, I joined up for the block of the month.  My cute friend Sue (who is a master quilter with her own business - Summit Creek Quilts) is the one putting on the block of the month and this is what we are doing ~

Oh, my, it should be a challenge!!  And she won't even let me cheat and get the pattern early so I can get started!!  Oh, fine!!

Then after all the business of the day was done we had show and tell!!  And if you had a quilt to show, you got a FQ!!  Pretty cool, huh!!

Here are some of my favorites ~

It was a fun morning and I can't wait until my Studio downstairs is all set up so I can sew - I'm having withdrawaaaaaaaaaaaaaaals!!


Lee Prairie Designs said...

I can relate, Kris! We just are getting settled in our temporary(apartment) home and trying to get "organized". I finally found most everything for the projects that I what to work on, while we are here. Maybe tommorow I will be able to create something. It has been 5 1/2 weeks for me so I am having big time withdrawal.

Your new "digs" looks so cozy...I know you are going to be very happy

Hugs, Carolyn

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

I do believe you have landed in a most wonderful place! Woo hoo! Looks like lots and lots of fun is coming your way!

Denise :) said...

Looks like you had a blast -- I'm glad you got right into the guild!! Good stuff! Hugs, friend!!! :)

Jeanneke said...

Your move has turned out to be a happy change for you, it seems, Kris!
I am so glad for you.
Wishing you happy and healthy stitching!


Nancy said...

Boy Kris, You are really going to be busy. I especially like the BOM you are doing.
I know you will really enjoy having a little house of your own. It’s really cute.