Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Call Out to the Blogging World

Hi Everyone -

I am hoping some of you out there can help me with this situation I have found myself in.  I have been using the name THE QUILTING GARDEN for over 5 years for my eBay store and for this blog for over a year.  I have never had the need to have an official website so I never bought the domain

Well, last fall when I went to go get the domain name, as now I do want to have an official website, some lady down in Texas took the name just a few days before I tried to get it and she now has a website.

So my dilemma is what to do.  I have discussed this matter with my computer web design professor and he suggested I find a new name, unlike The Quilting Garden, and start from scratch.  I have decided to do just that!!

My question to all of you is whether any of you have changed your blog names and if so what did you do??  Do I need to start a new blog with the new name?  Can I change the name of the blog but keep my existing content??  Or do I need to start from scratch and maybe have a link on this blog to my new blog??

Anyone out there that would be willing to help a fellow blogger?? 

Many, many thanks in advance!!!


Retrogirl said...

Kris, I'm sure you can make it work. I'm afraid domain names are hoarded regularly and many companies miss the boat.

I just started blogging last year so have not required name changes, though I have considered moving the blog.
Hang in there.

Chris said...

If you create a new blog with another name you can migrate your content into it. Or you can keep the blog URL and just change the name on the title page to match your domain name. That will work if you keep a similar name better than if you make a total change.

Anonymous said...

I have wordpress so it may be different but if I were you I would keep my site and just change the name if you wish. If you love the name quilting garden and the other person does not have copy rights than just Keep the name you love and get a different domain ending like .info instead of .com.
You could try a similsr name like
Good Luck!

Jocelyn said...

Could you just change the name to MY Quilting Garden??

Nedra said...

Wish I could help you, but I haven't a clue. I hope it all works out well for you.

autumnesf said...

For a length of time you could just rename and somewhere on the page put (Formerly The Quilting Garden). I've seen someone do that before so I knew I was on the page I was looking for even though it was renamed.