Monday, March 14, 2011

New Siggies From Around the World!!

These are my newest Siggies that I have received over the past few weeks:
This Siggie comes from Pia Lindegaard who lives in Denmark.  Pia has been collecting Siggies since February, 2006.  Pia lives in the countryside with her hubby and her grey cat, Sune.  Her sons have moved away from home.  Pia is a retired Craft Teacher and loves all the time she has to quilt.
This darling Siggie came from Rossana Gandusio who lives in Italy!!  She has just started quilting last October and she already loves it!!  Rossana is married with three children and two cute cats.  They live in the north east of Italy, near the sea.
During the week she volunteers at the Italian Association for International Adoption as she loves kids.
I LOVE this Siggie!!  It is from Anne Kamper, who lives in Germany.  Anne is married with a 15 year-old son and a funny dog.  She has not been quilting very long but is now working on a New York Beauty quilt and a Tesselation quilt.

Anne works as a gardener in her hometown of Korschenbroich and lives on a former farm.  I'd love to see her gardens!!  She has chickens and geese and 2 goats - Schlikohr and Paula.  The goat on her Siggie looks just like Paula and can you see the little seed bead that is Paula's eye!!
This very cute Siggie is from Femija who also lives in Germany.    Femija has been exchanging Siggies since early in 2008 and wants to make a quilt as soon as she has enough.  Femija is just a kid - 36 years-old.  She is married with 2 kids and 2 dogs.  Femija also has a big garden with lots of chickens - how fun!! Femija loves to ride her horse through the Forest with her Golden Retriever by her side.   Femija works as a nurse in a psychiatric hospital part-time and works with the elderly the rest of the month.
Wow, this Siggie also comes from Germany and was made by Annette.  Annette lives in a small town, Bad Homberg, just outside of Frankfurt.  Annette is married with 2 daughters.  One of her daughters lives in Seattle so Annette has been to the United States several times and loves visiting and hiking in the National Parks here!!

Annette also enjoys dancing and gardening as well as quilting.  Annette just started collecting Siggies about 5 months ago.  Annette loves the night sky in Germany with all the stars in the evening and so she put this very sweet star on her Siggie.
This last Siggie is from Rozetta who Adel, Iowa, a small town just west of Des Moines.  She has been married for 48 years and lives on some acreage near Adel.  Rozetta has one son who lives in Kansa with his little family.  Rozetta is retired and so gets to work part-time at their local quilt shop - et she doesn't bring much of her paycheck home!!  LOL!!

She made a quilt way back in 1965 but only got serious about quilting about 16 years ago.

I love all these Siggies - thank you ladies and I hope you enjoy my Siggie as well!!


Pauline said...

Just gorgeous! It's interesting to look at people's handwriting and to see what they've come up with.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love all your siggie blocks. Interesting what each choses for their centers.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the kitty block from Germany! :)