Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year From Las Vegas

My cute friend Regena was given a gift from her friends - a week in Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Hilton!!  Youch!!  You can only love friends like that!!  Well, she invited me to come stay for a few nights and celebrate New Year's Eve with her!!  So we are here on the 30th floor looking out over all the happy, crazy folks getting ready to bring in the new year in Las Vegas style.  They closed the Las Vegas Strip at 6 p.m. to any car traffic so it is only 600,000 bodies roaming the Strip!!!  Now you did hear me say we are up in our rooms, right??  And thats where we plan to stay!!!

and may 2011 be your best year yet!!


Jen said...

I use to live in Las Vegas! Make sure to check out the Bellagio, they change their decorations every season. Also, check out Quiltique, it's a fabulous quilt store in Henderson. Have funand be safe!

Linda said...

Lucky you! No fair! The Bellagio botanical gardens are a must see. Holiday (note: Not Christmas!) Display only up through Sunday. their displays are always breathtaking.