Thursday, February 11, 2010

Since attending the Dixie Quilt Guild last Saturday, I have sorted through all my fabric and UFOs (unfinished objects for all of you that are not part of this wonderful quilting cult!!) and finished this baby quilt top that I have had in the works since 2004. I have put it up for sale on eBay in the hopes that the quilts I make and sale will help me to continue working part-time so I have the time and energy to help my darling Dad through these last years of his life.

Pop (as we so fondly call my Dad) is 92 years young and he is the reason I moved to the wonderful little town of St. George, UT. We got an apartment together last September and so far so good!! His health is great (especially for a 92 year old) and we are enjoying this time we have together. We go to lunch every Friday - I buy one week and Pop buys one week!! Its great - we are checking out all the local restaurants!!

I am always so amazed at how much I love quilting because when I was young I was not so fond of sewing. Oh, yeah, I did it but it was not with the passion I have when I quilt!! Quilting touches my very soul and allows me to use my mind and my hands. I hope it keeps me young like Blanche Young who, along with her daughter, were the guest speakers at Saturday's Guild meeting.

Well, off to a new, beautiful day here in paradise!!!

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Unknown said...

Oh Kris, is this a fabulous quit!!!