Wednesday, July 19, 2017

What a Delightful Day . . .

Yesterday I went down to the little town of Langlois, Oregon to the Wild Rivers Wool Factory to take spinning lessons from Sandie, the owner.

It was all day long and I had a ball and learned soooooo much.  First, Sandie had me start out using a drop spindle and I used one that looked like this ~

Image from the Internet
  The big circle is at the bottom so that when I need to stop the spinning, I can just place the bottom on the floor.  This is as opposed to ~

This kind where the round thing is at the top.

I went into the lesson with a prejudice against spinning with a drop spindle because it just looked too hard.  Sandy said I needed to learn the drop spindle first so I could get the proper movement with my hands alone before moving onto the spinning wheel where both hands and feet were involved.

I must say, it was much more pleasant than I thought it would be and the nice thing about the drop spindle is that you can take it anywhere and spin fiber!!

BUT, then I got to work on the spinning wheel.  This is the actual wheel I learned on ~

And here is the skein of yarn I produced ~

Soooooo much fun!!  Sandy says I am now officially a spinner of fine threads!!  There is about 80 yards in this skein, just about enough for a hat!!  Just about!!

This is Sandie ~

And here she is with her "should I be cute" pose!!  She had me laughing all day!!

Thank you Sandie for a fun, fun day!!  Friday I am going down to learn to felt hand-crafted soap!!  I wonder if Janet O. over at Rogue Quilter would make me some lavender bars of soap to felt?  I am thinking for the up-coming quilt shows I will need about 50 bars - but not until August 3rd.  Hmmmmm, nah, I know she is busier than all get out these days!!

Come back on Friday and see my felted soaps!!


Janet O. said...

What a fun thing for you to do, Kris!
I tried the drop spindle when I volunteered at the heritage farm. I thought about trying the spinning wheel, but decided I couldn't add one more craft to my list! LOL
How do you "felt" soap???
The main problem with making soap for Aug. 3rd is that I should have made it 2 weeks ago. The method I use requires a 3-4 week cure time, depending on the recipe. And you are right--it is crazy busy right now. Have been helping a lot with my brother (with the heart problems) this past couple of weeks, and my Mom, of course. I teach my Sunday School lesson this week (and am NOT ready) and next week I have two days of classes with Bonnie Hunter and a 3 day family reunion/campout. I have been trying to prepare for Bonnie's classes today, when I should be doing my lesson prep. It is all coming too thick and fast!! : )

CathieJ said...

I want to learn to spin someday too. It looks so satisfying. I think your skein of yarn is very pretty.

KaHolly said...

Glad you had a day free of snakes and bugs and spiders! Felted soap?

elliek said...

Pretty wool that you spun... love the colours. Don't think I would ever get the hang of spinning....a bit like rubbing your tummy while patting your head. I am just not that co ordinated. Glad you had such a great day though.

Nancy said...

Your yarn looks so great, Kris, especially if that's your first time spinning. Years and years ago I learned to spin and loved using a drop spindle. When my husband bought me a spinning wheel I was just not interested in using it -- but finally did because I didn't want to hurt his feelings. I haven't spun for ages. At the fair last week they had bags of raw wool for people to take. We each took a bag and I now have four or five. It's beautiful wool in white, tan, brown, and black. (And, of course, it still has that raw wool fragrance that is not confined by a plastic bag.) The unfortunate thing is that I don't knit or crochet -- just weave, and haven't woven in years -- so don't have a use for the wool. I hope you continue to enjoy spinning.