Friday, July 28, 2017

I Sure Could Use Your Opinion!!

A couple of years ago, I taught a young Mom how to quilt.  She made a queen-size quilt for her Sister's wedding present.  Here is the quilt she designed and made ~

You can read the entire post HERE.

Well, she ended up with extra blocks and somehow I have them.  I thought I would use them to make a quilt for her oldest daughter's bed - I guess that would be a single bed.  But I don't know what to do with them.  Here is what I have and I have quite a few of them but will need other fabrics to add to them to made a large enough quilt.

I would love some suggestions!!  And for your time I will send a charm pack to the gal who's suggestion I use.

Also, here is a look at my I-cord now that it is felted.  Next, I need to figure out how to make a bag out of that big felted blob I created!!

Have a wonderful Friday!!


Anonymous said...

Seems like pin wheels would work with every other block being a solid square. Not necessarily solid fabric just a one piece block.

Anonymous said...

What about a larger, and obviously rectangular, version of something like this?

You already have nice light/dark contract in the HST.

Anonymous said...

Or something like would be easier to resize and require fewer added HST:

KaHolly said...

Kris, whatever you do will be perfect!

Karen F. said...

How about making large, scrappy Lady of the Lake blocks with them? If those are 3" HSTs that would give you a 15" block. It wouldn't take long to put together and wouldn't take that many for a twin size quilt top.

SarahZ said...

Hi! I see chevrons! Rows of light/dark chevrons...cute for a youngster, too! Also...are you still using your Pfaff 1200? (Searching for info on that machine is how I came across your blog:)