Friday, July 14, 2017

Anyone want a Used Rowena Iron?

When I first started quilting about 10 years ago, everyone said I just had to have a good, heavy expensive iron.  So, I got a Rowenta.  It was wonderful until it died a few years ago.  I got a second one and it leaks!!  Yikes!!


So when Sharon over at Vroomans Quilts got a new Black & Decker "The Classic" traditional steam iron with her piggy bank savings, I thought hmmmmm, maybe it is time.  So I checked into getting one and I was amazed!! It is less than one-third the price of a new Rowenta!!

And here it is ~

It is really nice and heavy - perfect for a good press and it has an auto turn off which I love because I am always walking away from my iron.

And the point is wonderful!!  It is very pointed, perfect for getting into wherever you need to get into!!

I am really excited about using it, which is exactly what I am going to do as soon I finish this post!!

Thanks Sharon for the heads up and I am serious, if anyone is interested in a used Rowenta that leaks if filled more than 1/4 full, let me know in a comment and I will put names in a basket and pick a new beneficiary of the Rowenta!!


KaHolly said...

Happy New iron! I'm sure someone will be interested. Many quilters don't use water in their irons.

Janet O. said...

I have never owned an expensive iron. The cheap ones and I get along just fine. Just got a new one a couple of months ago. It is a Hamilton Beach, and I love that it is a bit hefty, it gets really hot, it has the auto shut-off, but comes right back on when you pick it up (my last one had to be unplugged and replugged), and it has a nice point.
The retro look of your new one is fun!
Hope you find a good home for the leaky one. : )

Chiska said...

I would be interested in giving your leaky iron a try. I've always been curious about them. Thanks!