Saturday, May 21, 2011

Boy, Is This Ever Fun!!!

Since school ended I have had the time to start going through boxes and as you saw a few days ago, I found some Nearly Insane blocks that I had not seen in several years.  Well, my friend Regena, was asking me to write up the instructions on an afghan pattern that I have been using for years and so I found one of the afghans I started several several of years ago so I could figure out the pattern.

Its not a difficult pattern, in fact so easy that I just do it.  But in order to write something up for Regena, I felt I needed to look at the first two rows as that is where one has to start right in order to stay right on pattern.

Now that I have found this afghan, its a perfect project to finish while my Dad and I watch the Rockies baseball games.  I love finding all these UFOs!!!

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sandhyasudhir said...

Lovely colour. Looks like the pattern is a granny square.