Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Project!! Yeah right, Like I Need to Start a New Quilt!!

I was perusing Quilt Blogs.Com this afternoon and saw that the blogger (sorry I can't find her name) over at Quilt Fever was working on a "snag" on Round 3 of her Kaleidoscope Quilt by Ricky Tims.  Well, I was intrigued and followed down and saw that she had been over to see Patty at Pieced Goods a few few weeks ago and saw that she was going to make this quilt in monochromatic colors so she could enter it into a contest.

I fell in love with the pattern, the colors and the concept so I ordered the book!!  Hoo! Hoo!
Now I have to wait for it to be delivered.  I even paid the extra $1.50 in postage to get it sooner!!  Oh, my, I must be excited!!
I also saw a button on the sidebar at Pieced Goods called "I Took the Process Pledge" - which button is now on my sidebar.  The concept originated at rossie blog wherein she made a process pledge.  She says: 

"the goal of the process pledge is to create a new sensibility in quilting 
blogs where we don’t just show finishes or occasionally confess about our 
moments of indecision, but chat openly and often about our works in progress, 
our inspirations, and our moments of decision. I know that many of us are already 
posting about our thinking on quilts and the processes involved from start to finish, 
let's do more!  And let's post about quilts as we work on them.  I want to see more 
half-done quilts, not just the finished thing with a journal entry about the process."

Well, a few weeks ago I asked for comment son how I could improve my blog and several answered that it would be nice to see more of the process of my quilts as opposed to just the finished quilt and so I thought - wow!! - this pledge was perfect for me!!  So I made the pledge!!  Lets see if I can keep my word!!  :-))


Chris said...

That is a gorgeous quilt! I can't wait to see the finished product :)

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Wow - a big veture, hope you share the journey. Yes, good for you! Now I am going to hold the Pledge to you.

Jenna said...

Kris, I got the DVD from Ricky for this quilt ifyou want to borrow it.I havent even looked at it - yet! Call me if you want to use it. I can bring it to you Saturday.

Linda said...

Kris, I guess my granddaughter Jenna had signed on to her mail on my ipad therefore the comment by jenna is Linda S.

Auntie Em said...

Can't wait to see another Kaleidoscope quilt in progress! Come on over and visit my blog and see a couple of others who are also taking the plunge with this quilt.

Carol G said...

Welcome to our evolving mini-group! Glad you found us. This has certainly been an interesting journey with this kaleidoscope project. Can't wait for you to get the book and join us.