Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More New International Siggies in the Mail!!

This past week when I went out to get the mail, there were Siggies in the box three different days!!!

This first very cute Siggie is from Mary Chow from Toronto, Canada.  She has been married 16 years and has two teenagers, 13 & 15.  Mary has hand-stitched the Canadian Maple Leaf in the center.  The national flag of Canada is known as the Maple Leaf and the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf is the official bullion gold coin of Canada.

This next Siggie is from Mary Kruimer who lives in Haler in the Netherlands.  This little Siggie not only has a darling kittie hand-stitched by Mary on it, but the entire Siggie is hand-stitched.  The kittie represents the one cat she still has.  The cat's name is Krieltje and she is Mary's favorite cat.  Mary has been quilting for about 25 yeears.  Mary also loves to work in the garden and walk a couple of hours each day. You go girl!!

Here is another one from the Netherlands. This one is from Mia Jansens, who lives in Geldrop, which a a small village near Eindhoven in the south of the Netherlands. Mia is retired and just started quilting a few years ago after her retirement. What a great new career, Mia!! Mia has two sons, who are both married and she belongs to a small quilting group that meets once a month.

This next one is from Holland!! Ank Vermeule was kind enough to send me her cute, cute Siggie with a windmill appliqued to the Siggie in Delft blue. Ank has been quilting since 1988. She is married with 3 children and 10 grandchildren. She is making quilts for all the grandchildren and she already has 9 of them completed!!! She also makes quilts for children in the hospital or sick at home. Ank is like me, she has just started swapping Siggies.

Look at this super cute Siggie from Ineke Lagraauw from Maassluis, The Netherlands!! Ineke lives with her hubby and her cat in an apartment with a beautiful view. She has been quilting since 1999 and she loves it!! Ineke has only been on this International Siggie list since September of 2009 and she already has almost 250 Siggies!! WOW!!! She has a penguin on her Siggie because she has been collecting penquins for many years - well not real ones!! Ineke is a member of two quilting bees that meet twice a month.

Thank you ladies!!  I love them all!!!


Wattle Girl said...

wow I have just started siggie swapping , I think I better start sewing and get a few ready to send lol . These are so so pretty I cant wait Jenni

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Your Siggie collection is growing! These are wonderful! Thanks for sharing.