Tuesday, February 20, 2018

February Patchwork of the Crosses Block . . .

It's always so fun to me to see how these blocks can turn out.  Carlene is my February swap recipient and she wanted a POTC block using 1930's fabric.  I thought, that one will be really hard to get a fun look.  But I searched through my stash and found some fabrics that turned out quite well ~

I posted a sneekie peek on FB and Carlene said she already loved it without seeing the whole block!! I'm telling ya, these blocks are so addicting!!  It went out in the mail to her today!!


Stephanie said...

Oh Kris, it's stunning! I simply love it :)

Hugs to you!

Janet O. said...

Very sweet--great job on the fussy-cut kids in the center.
Why does everyone find EPP so addictive? I have two projects in the works--one is 20 years old, and I have to force myself to work on them. And this isn't because I am not an addictive type personality--just ask my family about that. :)