Monday, April 27, 2015

Ok, Now This is Nuts!!

I was goofing around this weekend looking into containers I have not seen the contents of in I don't know how long, and I came across this project ~

There are over 24 completed 12" nine-patch blocks, a few vanishing nine-patch blocks done, a bunch of 4-1/2 inch squares cut and ready to turn into another, oh maybe, 20 nine-patch blocks and some left over strings.

Fabulous project!!  Only one problem - I have no recollection of ever starting or working on this quilt top!!  Yiks!!  Do I have a quilting ghost residing in my home with me?  Am I getting old and senile?  I don't know, but luckily I found it before I spend a full-day quilt retreat tomorrow with Tammy over at Two Tangled Threads and a bunch of our friends!!

Make me feel better and tell me you have had this experience too, ok?


Vroomans' Quilts said...

You are not alone - I find those 'where did this come from' items from time to time. BUT great find!!

donna said...

You know I sometimes wonder the very same thing. lol Love the fabrics you are using. What an exciting find.

elliek said...

Think we are all the same. I find fabric that I do not recall buying.

Janet O. said...

I just think you are senile.
Oh, wait, no, I didn't say that!! Ha ha ha. Sorry, couldn't resist.
Mostly I find projects I wish I had never started. : )
A sewing retreat with friends--how very fun. Enjoy!

weddingdressblue said...

Maybe the quilting fairy dropped by with a present?! That is my best guess. Have fun finishing a "new"project.

Beedeebabee said...

I agree with weddingdressblue. Maybe the quilting fairy really DID stop by! ;)

Nancy said...

Be careful with that goofing around. You never know what you might find.