Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Yesterday Was a Day Made in Heaven!!

Even though I got the gift of a cold from my kids that I substitute taught last week, yesterday was soooooooo much fun!!

Right off the bat, I woke up to beautiful snow - the first of the season!!

 I think this must have been a snow ghost coming out to see what I was doing!!

Then my mailman brought the mail and amongst all the bills and junk mail was a lovely package that turned out to be a gracious little gift from Donna over at Brynwood Needleworks.
 It was a wonderful surprize - thank you Donna!!

Then, it was Class week at our Guild and I signed up for it.  Lynn, the teacher, was excellent and we learned to do all kinds of embroidery stitches.  Some I knew but the bullion stitch and the shadow stitch were new to me.  I love that little bullion stitch!!
Then, Lynn also made us a little note book with instructions for all the stitches and this cool liitle piece of muslin and a plastic holder, so we could make a little sampler of each stitch and keep it in our book!!

Then on the way home from the class, I stopped at the sock store and got some socks.  Well, it did snow today - new socks were a vital necessity!!
Are they cute or what??  And they are manufactured right here in the Cache Valley - right in the building where I bought them!!  Hey, how did those Butterfingers sneek into the picture??

Next, I stopped at the grocery store where I picked up my first Egg Nog of the season!!  Oh, Yum!!  A yearly tradition for me!!  :-))
Then when I got home my handyman, who had to put me off for two weeks because of a "job from heck" he was working on, was finishing up the last ceiling fixture down in the Studio!!  Woo! Hoo!!  Now I can really get to work - after I finish with this cold - and get some sewing done!!

And the final excitment for the day was going to my weekly sit and knit at the local yarn shop that is outrageously fabulous!!  I am working on a bag that I am knitting and then will felt for all my knitting goodies.  Well, come on, I can't use my Quilting Goodie bag for my knitting stuff!!
While working on it, I noticed the lady on the other side of the couch knitting socks with a 40" circular needle.  Well, I have always wanted to knit socks but I have never been able to coordinate the 4 double pointed needles.  So, when I saw her working with a circular needle I just had to find out how and, even though I promised myself I would not buy anything last night, I ended up getting this ~
Okay, several folks have suggested I am ADHD - do you think so??

I was sooooooooo tired last night that all I could do was take my cold medicine and fall into bed!! That's why I am posting today!!  Thanks for stopping by and listening!!


elliek said...

Like the look of two socks at a time.Sounds like a great week, snow, knitting, studio and teaching. Shame about the cold. Feel better soon.

Terry May said...

You are incredible. You make me laugh. Love you!

Denise :) said...

What lovely, fun things! And your snow is SO pretty!!!! Lucky gal! Do you know Janet from Rogue Quilter?